Mirror effect gel nails – Trends in manicure

Mirror gel nails, chrome effect, for a fashionable manicure

The manicure industry is a vast one and includes different decorations, shades and other elements to get the most creative ideas. The fashion trends of our time challenge stylists to create more and more personalized and improved types, models and decorations.

Updated models with effects such as chrome, mirror amaze us with their perfection and creativity, being extremely popular. Various decorative elements added increase its diversity and versatility.

A special place in trends is occupied by the mirror manicure. of such a unique type of nail plate decoration as a mirror manicure. This nail design appeared relatively recently, but it has already gained huge popularity and is one of the most popular manicure ideas in 2021-2022.

Photo gallery – Mirror gel nails
1 Model in shades of pink and white

2 Model with two shades, purple and white

Mirror gel nails 3 Model in shades of turquoiseMirror gel nails4 Pointed gel nail model, with purple

Mirror gel nails 5 Female model, square nails Mirror gel nails

6 Model in shades of green

Mirror gel nails
7 Model in happy shades and black

Mirror gel nails
8 Short nails model

Mirror gel nails
9 Pattern with dots, shades of green

Mirror gel nails
10 Model in dark shades

Mirror gel nails

It is not surprising: the wonderful shine that is subject to manicure with a mirror effect, amazes with their beauty and originality. And the glossy surface reflects amazingly with the environment.

The manicure with mirror effect looks impressed that the technique of its execution seems incredibly difficult. To everyone’s surprise, they are not difficult to make, using special powders.
11 Square gel nail model

12 White nails model with mirror effect

13 Stiletto nail model, in dark shades

14 Short nails model, shades of red

15 Model in shades of silver

16 Model in shades of silver, stiletto

17 Golden mirror gel nail model

18 Gel nail model in neutral shades

19 Complex model in shades of black and gold

20 Model in shades of pink

Source of pictures: pinterest.com

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