Manicure trends 2022 – What colors, models and colors we choose

Manicure trends 2022

The beauty industry has presented a delightful variety of decorations in an efficient and highly productive manner in the modern palette of gel nails. The fashionable colors of the 2022 manicure can delight us and satisfy the wishes of the most demanding fashionistas. Color trends are complex and have a wide range of shades.

Almost all women love to try new things, update their hair periodically and, of course, try a new manicure.

Any manicure option should not only be beautiful, but also be in harmony with your style. This year we find colorful shades, in tune with the warm season. Complex French, baby boomer models, they all offer us a spectacular manicure. Basically, we have nail art.

Photo gallery – 2022 manicure trend recommendations

1 Square nail model 2021, in shades and French model
Manicure trends 20212 Mirror effect gel nail model

Manicure trends 20213 Model in neutral shades with abstract decorationManicure trends 20214 Colored french nails model

Manicure trends 2021
5 Model in neutral shades, round nails
Manicure trends 2021
6 Simple model, strong pink gel nails

Manicure trends 2021
7 Yellow nail design, trends 2022