Manicure trends 2022 – Short gel nails

Short gel nail designs 2022, manicure trends for ladies and young ladies.

The trends of the year are not absolutely categorical in terms of nail length. Moreover, the most impressive models are made not only for long nails, but also for short, delicate and elegant ones. And why not admit it, many ladies prefer a shorter length.

We come to meet you and present you with ideas and suggestions for short nails, a photo gallery that will attract your attention and give you new visions on how you will wear your manicure this year.

Photo recommendations for the next visit to the stylist – Short gel nail models 2022

1 Purple gel nail designs, with a floral look

short gel nail designs 2021

2 Model in peach shades

short gel nail designs 2021

3 For a colorful spring, you can choose neon orangeshort gel nail designs 2021

4 Shades of red with designs on the ring

short gel nail designs 2021

5 Combination of shades, purple, royal colorshort gel nail designs 2021

6 Gel nail designs 2021, updated

short gel nail designs 2021

7 Simple model, gel nails in light shadesshort gel nail designs 2021

8 Cute model with decoration on the ring

short gel nail designs 2021

9 Shades of black, always elegantshort gel nail designs 2021

10 Model on pink with a little shine

short gel nail designs 2021

It is no secret that some ladies choose short nails most often not only because they are in trend, but also because of certain situations associated with the professional side, taking care of babies and others.

But the desire to have beautiful, well-groomed nails, many ladies choose short nails. For this category, we have selected models that are either elegant or cheerful, full of color.

Other models:

11 Updated French model

12 Model with drawing

13 Blue gel nail designs

14 Neutral shades, trending this year

15 Red with rhinestones, a luxurious combination

16 Light shades with pebbles

17 Butterflies, they couldn’t be missing this year

18 shades of green

19 The most popular shade, red with floral aspects
20 French updated with a floral look

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