Manicure 2022, modern French models

Manicure 2022, models and recommendations.
What did we wear this year? Should they be floral aspects, gold or silver designs or French designs? Basically, you are free to choose whatever you want, such as shades, lengths or styles.

In this article, I have prepared for you some French manicure ideas, feminine models for any taste or age. Short or long, you have inspiration for your next visit to the salon.

1 Short model, with shades of black

Manicure 2021

2 Sharp, French model in shades of black and white

Manicure 2021

3 Neutral shades, in combination with white or blackManicure 2021

4 French on the diagonal, with metal applications

Manicure 2021

5 Special model, in shades of blueManicure 2021

6 Complex model, in three shades

Manicure 2021

7 French animal print model, fashionable in 2021Manicure 2021

8 Special model that incorporates black, white, metallic aspects and applications

Manicure 2021

9 Half French model, a modern lookManicure 2021

10 French model with double black stripes

Manicure 2021

You will find other fashionable 2021 manicure models in previous articles. The presented models seem complex, but they are not so difficult to achieve, your stylist should be able to achieve them.

We also present other models:

11 Complex model with black and white

12 Updated model with gold elements

13 Pattern with floral aspects

14 Special model, shade placement game

15 Cheerful French model, in several shades

16 Pointed model, in two shades

17 Female model with white and gold

18 Floral pattern, in shades of yellow

19 Model in feminine shades

20 Model in beautiful shades of green

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