Magic haircuts for sparse and thin hair. 7 exceptional hairstyles

This year’s trendy haircuts for thin and rare hair are a great opportunity to update and transform your image, as well as add the volume that curls lack. The right hairstyle can ensure that no one will suspect the problems you face. Today we will see which haircuts of this season will cope with the heavy load and give new life to your hair.

7 trendy haircuts for thin and sparse hair

Making hair visually thicker is quite simple. All you need to do is to take into account two main points – the right care and the optimally selected haircut. Care will be discussed below, but now we offer you some basic guidelines for choosing a perfect haircut:

1. To give the hair additional volume, stylists recommend giving preference to uniform haircuts – they visually make the edges heavier and the curls thicker;

2. Layered haircut will make thin hair more spectacular;

3. Torn and tousled curls also add volume, visually correcting the missing density;

4. For thin hair, it is better to choose short and medium haircuts, because longer curls will be confused and look sloppy and unkempt.

1. Volumetric and airy pixie

Such a semi-boyish haircut for short hair makes the female image more mischievous and carefree, rejuvenates, gives originality and boldness. In addition, the pixie perfectly increases the volume of the hair and is easy to care for and style. All you need is to dry the strands with a hair dryer and gently tousle them with your fingers, lifting them from the roots. Stylists offer fashionistas in 2022 to try a more interesting version of a pixie with elongated bangs. This haircut offers more room to create new looks by styling the bangs straight, to the side or in the back.

2. Bob – an elegant look every day

The classic bob haircut is very elegant, looks voluminous and well-groomed. It allows you to get the desired structure with a minimum of time and effort. The characteristics of the bob are long strands around the face and short nape. Thanks to this contrast, the haircut looks very elegant. You can add extra thickness to your hair with the help of foam, which, when applied to the roots of your hair, makes them more voluminous.

3. Broken Carre – a bet on layering

The complex texture of the haircut – straight ends and voluminous top – makes the hair sparsely textured, which makes the hairstyle look more magnificent and interesting. The main difference between a broken carre and a classic one is the multi-level haircut. This option is easy to maintain and install. A fashionista simply needs to wash her hair, dry it, apply a texturizing spray and lift the curls with her fingers at the roots.

4. Shaggy – well-groomed hairstyle

The word shaggy in English means “shaggy” – and that’s exactly what the owners of thin and limp hair are trying to achieve. Such a haircut seems to be created simply to give extra volume – it is multi-layered, airy and flying. Despite the slightly hooligan name, Shaggy creates a stylish casual look and suits women of all ages. Another undeniable advantage of such a haircut is that it can maintain its shape and volume, regardless of the weather outside.

5. Mallet – the luxurious haircut of the 80s

Short strands twisted around the face and a puffy hat on top allow you to give the haircut the missing volume. Thinning and layering also do a great job of making thin hair thick and attractive. At the same time, the mallet may not be arranged – the haircut will look messy, as if it was intended that way.

6. Volumetric cascade – a great option for medium length hair

When creating such a haircut, the strands are removed in layers and milled. Due to the fact that the upper layer of hair is shorter than the lower one, it is possible to give additional volume to the curls, make them thicker and more luxurious. To create a “wow” effect, the hair is styled with a hairdryer and a brush, starting from the bottom layer and gradually moving to the crown.

7. Sesson – a voluminous cap for a super effect

This haircut always looks voluminous and gorgeous. When creating it, the edges are removed with an even cut, which allows you to give your hair extra density. Sesson keeps its shape perfectly. Therefore, arranged with a simple hair dryer, even without additional funds, it will look simply luxurious!

Proper care of weakened hair

Washing, drying and styling your hair correctly can do wonders. Even the thinnest and weakest curls can appear visually healthier and more voluminous. To do this, you need to follow simple rules for the care of weakened hair.

1. It is better to wash the curls with cold and soft water, distributing the shampoo with gentle movements.

2. Never rub wet hair with a towel, wrap it gently and wait until the material absorbs the moisture.

3. For drying, it is advisable not to use a hair dryer, but to let the curls dry naturally.

4. If you can’t do without a hair dryer, don’t turn it on full blast.

5. For styling, use mousse and hairspray, discard heavier products such as gel or wax.

Don’t forget the benefits of head massage. Massage it every time you are going to wash your hair and use special oils. This will improve blood circulation and nutrition of the bulbs, accelerate hair growth.

Now you know what haircuts for thin and sparse hair will be fashionable in 2022. Stylists have offered many stylish options that will give curls splendor and density, as well as transform the image of any modern woman.