Luxury looking gel nails

Luxury looking gel nails, with reference to those models that have applications of stones, glitter or other elements. In general, they are quite complex models and are among the top preferences of ladies all over the world.

Some ladies prefer simpler, shorter models, in neutral shades without too many applied elements. Other ladies prefer the other extreme, not necessarily in terms of color, but in terms of the elements present.

In this article we present gel nails with stones, hearts, floral prints or other elements. The creativity of the stylists has no limits, as you will see from the following pictures:

Pictures of gel nails – Luxury looking gel nails

1 Model with pink, pebbles, round shape

luxury looking gel nails

2 Gel nail model with flowers, square shape

luxury looking gel nails

3 Gel nail model with glitter and pebble applicationsluxury looking gel nails

4 Sharp model with simplistic, but special elements