Ladies over 60 choose short haircuts. 10 gorgeous hairstyles

Short haircuts are very popular among women of all ages. Creative and stylish hairstyles are chosen not only by modern and active girls, but also by ladies over the age of 60. And that’s because of the practicality of each short haircut, as well as the visible rejuvenating effect that this hairstyle gives.


A universal version of a short haircut – bob, suits almost all women. Its main advantages are:

1. Easy to style every day;
2. Looks elegant with any coloring;
3. The hair remains healthier and more voluminous than in a regular haircut.

There are different versions of the bob, so it will be very convenient for every woman to find her ideal option.


Carre is a very feminine and attractive hairstyle and incredibly attractive. For women over 60, such a haircut is very suitable, because it visually “thins” the figure. The carre is easy to style and arrange, and with the help of this haircut you will be able to maintain the health and structure of the hair at a very high level. In this haircut you can give free rein to your imagination and trim your bangs or shave the nape of your neck to give new life to the classic hairstyle.


Pixie is the most fashionable haircut, adaptable for any type of face. It is a rather voluminous hairstyle, which at the same time refreshes the image and allows you to always remain very feminine. In this haircut, structured strands laid with the effect of “cold wave” look very good. If you want, you can choose an interesting coloring for the pixie and create accents in the hairstyle using toning or other options.

Short Layered Haircuts

Layering is a modern technique that allows you to give your hair the desired volume. Ladies over 60 often suffer from thin, split ends and lifeless curls, which significantly affects the attractiveness of the hair. Short layered haircuts will help solve this problem. They are made on the basis of other famous and elegant hairstyles such as bob, pixie, carre, garcon or cascade. Thanks to the original approach, a woman over 60 will be able to boast of very luxurious hair again.

If you are a true fashionista, then you will not care about your age. In your 60s, your hair can become less beautiful and voluminous, which can affect your mood. However, in order to return the hair to its original appearance and to feel young and beautiful again, stylists recommend choosing short and elegant haircuts. In addition to versatility and practicality, you will also have the opportunity to spend much less time in front of the mirror for styling.