How brunettes dye their hair in 2022. Trends, technologies and images

An elegant haircut in combination with a simple and stylish color is the best option for creating a phenomenal look. Rarely, women who have a certain hair color from birth change it in the opposite direction. However, some brunettes decide to try new things as well, so today we will see how and in what colors women dye their hair in 2022.

Monochromatic coloring

Beautiful and elegant coloring techniques with paint transitions look flawless. But nothing can replace a deep dark shade in a monochromatic design. Brunettes choose black, brown, chocolate and chestnut colors by themselves, which perfectly emphasize their solid status and flawless beauty.

This year it is worth choosing a more natural look, so you should not hide your natural hair color, on the contrary, it should be emphasized and made really bright.

Ombre and sombre technique

The technologies are not new, but they remain the most popular. Media personalities very often use this technique and therefore increase the demand for this coloring. Ombre is a smooth transition of color from roots to ends, and sombre is dyeing both vertically and horizontally in the same way.


This coloring is preferred for graduated haircuts. If you are the owner of black, brown or light brown hair, then balayazh along with a graduated hairstyle is an excellent option.


The novelty of the season is a coloring in which “sunrays” will play on the strands. This technology is gaining more and more positive reviews from Hollywood stars.

Coloring the rainbow

Many people think that multi-colored hair only looks beautiful on blonde hair. In fact, the dyeing technique allows you to make your hair rainbow, even if you have a natural, dark hair shade. The brightest and most saturated shades are suitable for sophisticated brunettes. Coloring in the color of the space looks very beautiful. You need to be prepared for the fact that the procedure will take a lot of time, but the result will definitely please you.

If such a rich coloring scares you, but at the same time you want to add a twist to the image, then you can make a hidden rainbow coloring or decorate the front strands of hair in a bright color, thus creating a gorgeous image of a fashionista in vogue.

Each new season brings us different types of coloring, but some remain in trends for a long time. For brunettes it is a little more difficult to make dramatic changes in hair color, but with the right stylist and technology, women become much more beautiful and in line with fashion trends.