Hollywood stars prefer Bob Carre! 13 flawless models of short haircuts

The simplicity and perfection of short haircuts have always been appreciated by most women, including Hollywood stars. However, of all, the straight bob haircut is by far the most sought after and appreciated, since it suits almost all ladies perfectly. The flawless shape, the clear lines and the graceful volume make this haircut an extraordinary one, which puts any woman in a seductive light. Today we will take a look and analyze from all angles, the wonderful hairstyle straight bob.

Elongated straight bob from different angles

Gentle and feminine, are the two words that come to mind when we talk about the oblong straight bob. Such a haircut is always in vogue and is perfect for women who are not ready to make an extreme change in their appearance. The straight bob in this variation has an elongation in the front and an even cut in the back, which creates an ideal shape that does not require constant styling.

Voluminous straight bob from different angles

A straight bob with volume is a unique opportunity to radically change your image for the better. From all sides, this hairstyle looks high, and this effect is achieved due to the style of the haircut itself and the straight strands.