Gray Nails: Images To Inspire You, Combinations To Copy And Current Trends

Manicure is always very important for a woman. Whether they are short or long, it is very important to take care of them and not underestimate the effect that your hands can have on a woman’s entire look. In this article we want to highlight the manicure with a particular color – we are talking about gray nails.

Gray enamel has always been a symbol of elegance, neutrality and versatility. Let’s first look at the characteristics of the gray color. Gray is undoubtedly a beautiful color, sensual and capable of enhancing a woman’s femininity. Just like the trends in clothes, as well as in manicures, every year the manufacturers offer us almost endless novelties.

But gray, and all its shades, is timeless, timeless and “evergreen”. It is suitable for all seasons, perfect when combined with other shades of color, such as pink and black. In the images in this article you will find many inspiring ideas, combinations and shades to choose from. We do not miss even the most famous brands with luxury nuances.

In the first part of our article we propose two particular nail art with a combination of some shades of gray, black and why not even glitter. They are quite simple designs, but still capable of making an impression. In the video, however, a small tutorial to inspire you.

Gray Nails – A Little Tutorial With Different Shades

For this type of design you will need three color shades. Gray is used as a neutral base and highlights the other two shades. The nail polish in question of the essie brand. On the net you will find many good impressions on the glazes in question.


Gray enamel
Black enamel
Silver enamel
Strips for nail art


Apply the gray nail polish twice. Let it dry.
With the help of the strips, carry out the design as in the following photo.
After each operation, allow the enamel to dry for the necessary time.

For manicure with drawings we always recommend using nail polishes of specialized brands, given the quality of the product, the duration and the brush with which it is undoubtedly very easy to apply the nail polish.

Gray nail polish for elegant nails

Idea per delle unghie colorate con tre smalti e una base di colore grigio

Due boccette di smalti del marchio Essie, unghie gel bellissime dalla forma arrotondata

Idea per delle unghe decorate con due smalti su una base di colore grigio, boccette di smalto di marchio Essie e Butter

Semipermanente unghie corte e arrotondate con una base di colore grigio, bottiglietta di smalto Butter London

Idea per la colorazione delle unghie autunno inverno 2018 con una base grigia marchio Essie

Idea per delle unghie opache con una base grigia, bottiglietta di smalto color argento

Unghie grigie dalla forma arrotondata decorate con smalto argento e nero

Idea per delle unghie colorate di grigio con smalto del marchio Kure Bazaar

Idea per delle unghie decorate, manicure arrotondata con dello smalto di colore grigio

Semipermanente unghie corte dipinte con uno smalto di colore grigio

Idea per delle unghie opache con una base di smalto grigio e decorazione con rombi

Unghie autunno inverno 2018 per una donna con la manicure arrotondata e decorata con disegni di rombi