Gray gel nails, a neutral shade suitable for any occasion

Gray gel nails, sophisticated and elegant models, full of shine.

Nails in shades of gray are the ones that are usually underestimated and less popular. But one thing is forgotten, shades of gray are part of those neutral colors that many people dream of.

However, the shades and decorations of gray nails are much more luxurious than you can imagine. In fact, shades of gray are quite elegant and sophisticated. In addition, you can always use gray as a background for many other colors and patterns.

That’s why we proposed to present you a series of models to show you how luxurious and beautiful they are.
Simple model

Floral pattern

Recommendations, models and ideas – Gray gel nails
1 Round model in ombre
Gray gel nails
2 Model in light shades with decoration on the ring

Gray gel nails
3 Gray gel nails with a blue tint and floral decoration
Gray gel nails
4 Gel nails with glitter and a little shine

Gray gel nails
5 Simple but sophisticated model
Gray gel nails
6 Square gel nails, in a simple model

Gray gel nails
7 More tones, in trends 2021
Gray gel nails
8 Long nails, a super pleasant gray

9 Square pattern with pebbles
Gray gel nails
10 Short model, in two shades

Gray gel nails
The manicure in 2021 uses all shades, with accents on strong and light colors this summer. This does not mean that neutral shades are no longer used, on the contrary. They are sophisticated and elegant, women from all over the world keep this color for a long time.

We also present other models:
11 A pleasant shade of gray

12 Model in combination with glitter

13 Sophisticated model in two shades

14 Model with pebble decoration on the ring

15 French model with glitter

16 Combination of white

17 Round oval nails with white decoration

18 Summer gel nail model, in shades of gray and neon

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What are your favorite shades?