Graduated bob with extended edges: 15 formidable variants!


Today, the graduated and asymmetrical bob haircut with extended edges is very popular. This is more difficult to achieve, but it looks so good!

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Who is graduated grain suitable for?

This haircut can be considered versatile, because it has no clear rules and restrictions. A difference from the other bob models would be that the haircut must include a combination of gradation and obvious length of the edges. It fits perfectly with any type of face oval.

Round face – to give the round face a more oval shape, choose the graduated bob with a sudden elongation of the front strands. As for the bangs, it can be oblique and asymmetrical, or it can be done without it. The path can be both in the middle and on one side. The best option would be for the length of the hair in the front to be below the chin, almost to the shoulders. This will help to both correct the shape of the face and highlight the features of the neck.

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Oval face – here the best option is the short haircut, graduated at the back and around the face. Extension of strands, it is better to be done in the region of the ears. The bangs must be straight and even, or it is allowed to be spun at the tips. In this case, the main goal is to match the proportions.

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Triangle face – this shape reminds us of a heart, being characterized by a broad forehead and a prolonged, pronounced chin. In this case it would be best to avoid symmetry. This trick will allow you to hide the features of the triangular shape of the face.

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How can this haircut be styled?

Vapor volume – the main features of this haircut is that it can be arranged very easily. Uneven edges, grading and spinning the hair create a voluminous effect, even for thin hair.


The graduated bob with extensions allows you to quickly and easily change the look, depending on the mood and circumstance.

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If you want such a haircut, we recommend that you go to an experienced specialist. Analyzing the features of the face, it will advise you which variant and methods of arrangement to choose.

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