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Baby boomer gel nails, explosion in the manicure trend.

Lately there have been some pretty interesting nail designs, we say, that have caused a stir, although the latest manicure trend is surprisingly subtle.

It’s called “baby boomer nails,” and the style has exploded online.

What exactly are baby boomer nails? Also known as French ombré or French fade, the look is practically a new approach to the classic French manicure.

We like them and that’s why we want to recommend them to you, different shades can be applied on ombre nails.
They are beautiful and modern, you can choose any shade you want, from neon to neutral colors, being extremely versatile in design. Such a model fits both at the office and in everyday life.

Recommendations and pictures – Baby boomer gel nails

1 Gel nails in the most subtle way possible

Baby boomer gel nails


2 baby boomer nails with floral decoration

Baby boomer gel nails 3 Model in light shades with a small detailBaby boomer gel nails4 Baby boomer model in a square shape, in neutral and white shades

Baby boomer gel nails 5 Baby boomer with a little glitter for shineBaby boomer gel nails6 Baby boomer nails in several shades

Baby boomer gel nails7 Baby boomer with shades of purpleBaby boomer gel nails8 Model with pebble decoration and length

Baby boomer gel nails9 Model in subtle shades, with a square shapeBaby boomer gel nails 10 Model in shades of orange, a splendor

Baby boomer gel nails

French manicure has never gone out of trend, so even baby boomers will remain in the top. A little search on Social Media clarifies how popular this manicure is.

You can opt for subtle shades, for the wedding or neon nails. The shades merge in a pleasant way.
Other models:
11 Glam model with glitter and pebbles

12 Model in shades of yellow, by Mirabela Bella, Hunedoara

13 Cute model with a little shine

14 Gel stiletto nails, in light shades

15 Model in darker shades

16 Shades of pink

17 Orange with a hint of red

18 Subtle shades

19 Shades of grey, a splendid manicure

20 Baby boomer in shades of green

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What type of shades do you prefer, in general? Neutral, simpler or complex manicure?