Golden shades gel nails – Fashionable haircuts

Gel nails golden shades, steal anyone’s heart and in trends in 2022.

Gold symbolizes nobility, glory, luxury and intelligence, so this shade could suit your temperament. Although it is more of an autumn color, when the leaves turn yellow, gold is in trend this year.

Whether in integral models, scplici, French, abstract, mirror effect, there are many fashionable models.

We have prepared some ideas of models that you can use as a source of inspiration for your next visit to the salon.
I don’t know how much you like gold, but you can add small decorations from this shade. For extra glam.

Photo gallery, recommendations for your manicurist – Gel nails golden shades

1 French double, a special model

Golden shades gel nails

2 Gold as applications in shades of black and pink

Golden shades gel nails

3 In combination with yellow, the color of 2021Golden shades gel nails

4 Abstract model, in matte models

Golden shades gel nails

4 Custom French modelGolden shades gel nails

5 Abstract model, in shades of gray

Golden shades gel nails

6 French model updated 2022, a feminine manicure

Golden shades gel nails

7 Combination with shades of dark blueGolden shades gel nails

8 Model for this year, a luxury look

Golden shades gel nails

9 Simple pattern with gold glitterGolden shades gel nails

10 Model with glitter and stripes in shades of gold, manicure ideas 2021

As you can see, they are not very loaded models, considering that the shade itself is quite strong. But, you can find wonderful models, for a fashionable 2022 manicure, for every taste.

We recommend other models:

11 Model with glitter and stars

12 Two shades, white and gold

13 Model with white, a feminine manicure

14 Custom model

15 Model in darker shades

16 Model with pink and text in shades of gold

18 Model with sparkles and mirror effect

19 Model with white

20 Pattern with glitter

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We hope you liked the styles proposed by us.