Gel nails with rhinestones, pebbles, gorgeous models to try

Gel nails with rhinestones

How do you take care of your manicure? Nails are your business card. Thus, their unkempt appearance damages the image that those around you will form about you.

While some prefer the classic manicure, others prefer gel nails. We see the proof everywhere, women from all over the world looking for new sources of inspiration for an impeccable manicure.

These types of manicure can be done in any desired color, in simpler or more complex shades, nails in two shades and many others. Their beauty is the sparkle they bring once they are applied to any desired nail.

A jewel, a stone, these elements fit very well on simpler models.
Shades of purple and complex pattern

French model

Shades of pink

Rhinestone at the base of the nail

Linear model and neutral colors

The famous red

For brides or special occasions

Model on light pink

Model on black

White with a floral look

Neutral, French and floral element, all trending elements this year

Light purple

White with pearls

Here are some models of gel nails with simple or sophisticated rhinestones, for every taste.

We have longer models:

#1 Nails with French gel and rhinestones, an elegant choice

Gel nails with rhinestones

#2 Model with nude nail polish and glitter

Gel nails with rhinestones

#3 Square nail model, milky white

Gel nails with rhinestones

#4 Sharp, nude nail model

Gel nails with rhinestones

#5 Dark models, elegant style

Gel nails with rhinestones

#6 Matte gel nail designs, with rhinestones

Gel nails with rhinestones

#7 Neon gel nail model

Gel nails with rhinestones

#8 Orange, a strong shade

Gel nails with rhinestones

#9 Red, always in fashion

Gel nails with rhinestones

#10 Pink, a shade that cheers up and bows

Gel nails with rhinestones

The beautiful world of manicure allows you to choose anything, as long as it suits your personality. From strong and colorful shades to nude, anything is allowed.

Shorter gel nail designs, layers and pebbles

#11 Patterns with pebbles

#12 Shades of white

#13 Light shades

#14 Simple, daytime model

#15 Light shades, they go with everything

#16 Shades of pink and gray, matte

#17 Cheerful shades, short models

#18 Two shades

#19 Red, on short nails

#20 Nude for those who prefer these shades

Bright colors or neon shades, this summer choose the tones that suit your mood. Round, square or pointed gel nails, talk to the manicurist to choose the best model.

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