Gel nails with pebbles – Manicure full of shine

Gel nails with pebbles, models and recommendations for a manicure full of shine.

Every lady wants to look flawless, which means putting emphasis on the manicure. Besides these, ladies want fashionable models, with updated styles, that satisfy their needs. For a very long time, the shiny manicure is and will remain in trend. Manicurist stylists began to use various powders, stickers and other decorations to obtain the most beautiful models.

In 2022, fashion trends indicate that nail design with the use of pebbles will be fashionable.

We have also prepared a series of models and recommendations for gel nails with pebbles
Model in neutral shades

Gel nails with pebbles
Model of short gel nails

Gel nails with pebbles Model in shades of yellowGel nails with pebblesModel in shades of white

Gel nails with pebbles Intense orange gel nail modelGel nails with pebbles Model in shades of light pink

Gel nails with pebblesOmbre style model, in two shadesGel nails with pebbles French model, extremely feminine

Gel nails with pebbles Model in dark shades with floral decorationGel nails with pebbles Model in shades of white with feminine decoration

Gel nails with pebblesThere are many stones used as decoration for manicure. They differ in material, shape, size and color. When choosing stones, it is best to choose quality glass stones.

We also recommend other models:
Model in shades of purple with floral decoration

Burgundy gel nail designs 2021

Female model, in shades of white Model in shades of green and white

Black french gel nail model French nail model, with a lot of white

Model in neutral shades Pink gel nail model with glitter

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