Gel nails with glitter, various models

Gel nails with glitter

Glitter nails are the most fun and cute to wear. Glitter is the universal nail color, and a wonderful one at that. There is something about the sparkle of glitter on your nails that brings a smile to your face.

When are they appropriate? Are you going to a party? Are you going to the beach? Or are you wasting time around the house?? Glitter nails can be worn successfully for every occasion!

Honestly, hasn’t there ever been a season where glitter nails weren’t unpopular?
Model with blue

Model with glitter and a dark green

Gradient pattern

Feather type model

French model with glitter

Model have gold

Star pattern

Getting the highlights from these pictures may require special techniques. You must have a base layer, a color layer and the shades of glitter you want. There may be glitter powder or others.