Gel nails in shades of orange, full of color

Orange gel nails, suggestions for autumn and beyond.
These designs feature the color of tropical sunrises, juicy peaches, monarch butterflies and autumn leaves. Orange appears in so many of the most beautiful aspects of nature, but the color has been relatively undervalued in fashion and manicure.

Our recommendations, gel nails orange shades are for September-November, but now the color is worn in every season, both in fashion and in manicure.

In fact, orange was named the color of the year in 2019. You can wear orange in everything from fashion, hair and manicure. So why not incorporate this amazing color on your nails?

Recommendations and pictures:

1 Gel nail model in several shades
Orange gel nails
2 Model with fruits, in light tones

Orange gel nails
3 Neon orange gel nails
Orange gel nails
4 Gel nails with glitter and shades of orange

Orange gel nails
5 Neon with space, gel nails trends 2021
Orange gel nails
6 Shades of elegant orange and nails with pebbles

Orange gel nails

7 Very cheerful model, glittery gel nails
Orange gel nails
8 Matte model, in two shades

Orange gel nails
9 Excellent model for those who like abstract styles
Orange gel nails

10 Model in shades of orange-yellow, with autumn leaves

Orange gel nails
Do you see that it is an underrated shade? There is no plausible reason for this, you can get beautiful models, French gel nails, in several colors, all for autumn or all seasons.
11 Special model with rhinestones

12 French model 2021, with autumn leaf

13 Floral pattern, in two shades

Orange colored nails will become trendy. There are so many shades and ways to incorporate color. Thus, we will show you that there are orange nail ideas suitable for every season. You can choose a lovely pastel or darker shade.
14 Matte nails, marble style

15 Nails in two shades, pink and orange

16 Simple nails with subtle pebbles

17 Burnt orange or darker tone

18 Unique, abstract pattern

19 Pattern with pebbles

20 Pattern with glitter

21 Inverted French model

22 models with length

Do you like these designs?