Gel nails in several shades, top manicure

Nails more shades, what splendor, what wonderful colors

Whether two shades are arranged on the same nails, horizontally, vertically or diagonally, or whether there are different colors on several nails, we have to admit that they look wonderful. Even the famous French manicure 2021, at the moment, can be found in complex models and colors, passing the barrier of only white.

These models in strong, vivid colors, arranged in different ways, are the delight of every nail wearer, being at the same time, in trends.

We have prepared various models for you to be inspired by, maybe you are tired of a simple manicure. Ideal for holidays and the summer season.

Do you like models in two shades?

Model in shades of orange

Minimalist model, trendy 2021 gel nails

Ombre style pattern

Fashion model

Model, two different shades

Square pattern

Recommendations and pictures – Nails in many shades

1 Gel nails in shades of blue and white

nails several shades2 Nails in pink and black tones

nails several shades

3 Nails in subtle shadesnails several shades

4 Nails a pastel shade in combination with flowers

nails several shades

5 purple gel nail models, in combination with purple

nails several shades
6 Nails in two shades with floral decoration

nails several shades
7 Nails in shades of blue and beige

nails several shades
8 Nails in pastel shades

nails several shades
9 Nails and different nail designs

nails several shades
10 Nails in three shades

nails several shades
The way in which the shades can be arranged has infinite variations, it all depends on the creativity of the stylist who creates your manicure.

I have prepared others for you:

11 Colors on several nails

12 Shades of pink

13 More subtle shades

14 Shades of purple and white

15 Summer nails, flame type

16 Nails in shades of red and black

17 Nails with metal inserts

18 models with blue and yellow

19 Three shades, burgundy, glitter and white

20 French on purple

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What are your favorite shades?