Gel nails Easter 2022, part II

Easter gel nails, styles and recommendations with the theme of the Holidays

As every year, on the occasion of the Holidays, women from all over the world choose a themed manicure. And as Easter is coming, we present you with ideas and styles for a perfect manicure.

You will find round or square gel nail models, in light or dark shades, short or longer. The theme being Easter, we will also attach specific elements such as bunnies, eggs and others.

If you want to prepare ahead of time for the next Easter model, we come to meet you with the most wonderful ideas.

Photo gallery – Recommendations Easter gel nails, in various forms

1 Model in shades of pink

Easter gel nails

2 Models in cheerful and colorful shades

Easter gel nails

3 Nail designs with floral prints, in trends this yearEaster gel nails

4 Model in shades of white

Easter gel nails

5 Short model in shades of blue with pebbles

Easter gel nails

6 Shades of pale yellow

Easter gel nails

7 Model in shades of green, perfect for spring and EasterEaster gel nails

8 Shades of pink and flowers

Easter gel nails

9 shades of pink for EasterEaster gel nails

10 Model with knobs and other elements

Easter gel nails

The holidays are fast approaching, that’s why we have prepared these Easter manicure designs and suggestions for you. You can find simpler or more complex models, according to each person’s taste.

We also recommend other ideas:

11 Simple model and pastel colors, short style

12 gel nail models in neutral shades

13 Easter nail model with polka dots and other elements

14 Model with many colors

15 Model in shades of white, for more simplicity

16 Bunnies and polka dots, Easter gel nail designs

17 Shades of blue with bunny and glitter

18 Model with shades of pink and red

19 Pink and white flower applications

20 Complex model, in shades of pink, but also other elements

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