Gel nails – Colored manicure

Gel nails 2022, let’s color the year.

As the holiday season approaches, summer nail designs are becoming more and more requested. Of course, manicure design is constantly changing and we know how difficult it is to follow all the trends.

That’s why we present you some ideas and nail designs that will be top for the summer season. Choose the right manicure, so that you look elegant and irresistible no matter where you go this summer.

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1 Model
Gel nails summer 2021 2 Model

Gel nails summer 2021 3 Model Gel nails summer 2021 4 Model

Gel nails summer 2021 5 ModelGel nails summer 2021 6 Model

Gel nails summer 2021 7 Model Gel nails summer 2021 8 Model

Gel nails summer 2021 9 ModelGel nails summer 2021 10 Model

Gel nails summer 2021

Navy or pastel shades will look great with the addition of decorations. But if you’re looking for something much brighter than that, don’t limit yourself to one shade, use all the shades you want.

We also present other models for a manicure of 10:
11 neon gel nail designs, an inspired choice for summer

12 Pastel gel nail model with abstract decoration

13 Model in shades of green

14 Gel nail model in shades of yellow

15 Model in neon, green and orange shades

16 Square gel nail designs 2021, in two shades

17 Model in pastel shades

18 Model in several pastel shades

19 Models in shades of yellow, floral decoration

20 Model in shades of pink

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