Gel nail models in neutral shades, delicate women’s manicure

Neutral gel nail designs, superlative subtlety

Colors and models in manicure were and will be more and more complex. Strong shades, in different combinations with applications, are in trend. But ladies’ tastes are very different.

While some women prefer long nails, in strong shades, with applications of pebbles or others, there are others who prefer only a subtle, gentle manicure, which does not stand out.

This article proposes gel nail models in neutral shades, some very simple, for a manicure that is neat but not too busy.
More shades

Square pattern

The perfect manicure

Photo gallery for the next visit to the salon:

1 Model with a little glitter and neutral colors

Neutral gel nail designs

2 Model in neutral shades with pebbles

Neutral gel nail designs

4 Model with stars for a bit of sparkle

Neutral gel nail designs

5 Model in shades of extremely pale pinkNeutral gel nail designs

6 Special model in neutral shades, with a little subtle glitter

Neutral gel nail designs

7 A little white never hurtsNeutral gel nail designs

8 Model with a little gold for shine

Neutral gel nail designs

9 The simplest model, subtle and practicalNeutral gel nail designs

10 Combination of two shades

Neutral gel nail designs

Short gel nails are the ones that cause the least problems. You can also opt for such a length for more freedom of movement. In general, for lack of ideas or preference, neutral colors are among the most popular, just like red.

Other recommended models:

11 Subtle pattern

12 Model in neutral shades with a lace appearance on the ring

13 Short model with heart

14 Simple and glossy model, an easy manicure

15 Model in neutral shades, French style 2021

16 Simple model with a little length

17 Custom model, half French

18 Model with gold, in trends

19 Almond nail model, in two shades

20 Really special model

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What styles do you prefer?