Gel nail designs in light shades

Gel nails light shades, for a perfect manicure.

Every woman has her own preferences in terms of clothing and manicure. While some ladies prefer to juggle various shades, there are women who prefer only a certain shape or color. Red, black, dark or light shades, from one month to the next, ladies change their manicure.

In this article we will only present nails in light shades, there are ladies who do not necessarily benefit from dark colors, preferring neutral, white, peach and other models. Of course, we cannot neglect decorations, such as nails with glitter, rhinestones, text or other elements.

For your inspiration, we have collected 20 gel nail designs in light shades:
#1 Model in shades of beige
gel nails light shades
#2 Model in shades of pale pink, simple gel nails

gel nails light shades
#3 French with ring patterngel nails light shades
#4 Model in shades of pink, with rhinestones

gel nails light shades
#5 Model in shades of beigegel nails light shades
#6 Extremely beautiful model, French double white

gel nails light shades
#7 Model in pink tones with black outline
gel nails light shades
#8 Short nails model

gel nails light shades
#9 Model in light purple tones
gel nails light shades
#10 Model in two shades

gel nails light shades
With today’s techniques, stylists manage to obtain some of the most beautiful models. A simple manicure is also chic, but a decoration can make the difference and make you stand out. If you like light shades, we have other interesting models for you. Here are the following proposals.

Other models:
#11 Gel nail model 2021, abstract

#12 Model in shades of pink

#13 Model with silver elements

#14 Model in shades of white

#15 Model in shades of light beige, with decoration

#16 French model, for special occasions

#17 Model in neutral shades, with decoration on the ring

#18 Model in shades of pink, with floral decoration

#19 Model in shades of blue

#20 Model in shades of white, with glitter

#21 Square nail model

#22 Floral pattern

#23 Model shades of pink

#24 Model neutral shades

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