Garcon – the right haircut for many years ahead, 15 sure ideas

The Garcon haircut is suitable for all age groups of women. She has been popular for years. Fashionistas like to experiment with their looks. Having made a fashionable garcon haircut, many of them did not change it for many years. It can transform the look so much that you can achieve a unique look.

Garcon haircut variations are very diverse, but they are all distinguished by sophistication and originality. To create an elegant hairstyle, hairdressers use combinations of several types of haircuts. Let’s look at exactly what types of boys’ haircuts stylists offer for this season.

Classic garcon

The classic comes in several versions. Every fashionista can choose for herself one or another look that will make her irresistible.

The classic haircut style is based on the short hair length of the entire hairstyle. Stylists, taking into account the client’s face type, often choose to make an elongated version. They strictly monitor that when cutting there are no sharp differences in the length of the strands.

Many fans of the classic garcon prefer bangs. In their opinion, it gives the whole feminine look sophistication and charm. Bangs are made in different styles:

– broken bangs;
-graded options;
-straight bangs;

Ultra-short garcon

In this variation, the length of the strands is insignificant, it can reach 3 cm. With such short hair, there is no question of grading or thinning. The bangs have an arched shape. The hairstyle does not require special care or many hours spent at the salon, where you have to leave a lot of money. To create an elegant negligent effect, you can just ruffle your hair and apply hairspray, which will fix the desired shape.

With an ultra-short haircut, which is especially chosen by brave women with the right face proportions, it is important to choose the right shade of hair. Blue-eyed beauties with an oval face type, who dye their hair in a pearl shade, look charming and elegant.

Extended garcon

This type of haircut is more versatile. Elongated strands of hair in the temporal part of the head and bangs help to distract attention from various imperfections related to age or the shape of the head. The hairstyle is especially suitable for women with oval face type.

An elongated garcon haircut becomes the choice of women who avoid radical changes, but who want to look young and elegant.

Garcon haircut with bangs

Hair with bangs is loved by most women, regardless of age and face type. It makes the image fresher and younger, helps to create unique images with a variety of hair styles. The main feature of this haircut is that by choosing the right version of it, you can adjust the proportions of the face.

Depending on the shape and length of the bangs, you can style new hairstyles and quickly change your look.

Garcon cut on one side

Stylists recommend this type of haircut to ladies with a square or round face type. Elongated strands will focus on one side of the head, thus distracting prying eyes from possible skin imperfections or facial contours.

The trend this year is naturalness in everything. That’s why stylish Garcon haircut options look especially attractive on hair dyed in natural shades: chestnut, light brown, blond.

Which of the variants of the garcon haircut did you like? Write about it in the comments.