French manicure 2022, transformed into art

French manicure 2022

One of the signs of a well-groomed woman is her manicure. Many people are attentive to this, apparently minor, aspect. That’s why ladies from all over the world try to choose colors, models suitable for them or for certain occasions.

One of the best options is the French manicure. In 2021-2022, these models will be used by both young girls and older ladies. Such a design will never become outdated, unlike the others, because only these designs can make girls’ hands so elegant and delicate.

But fashion does not stand still and even the classics are easily modified and adapted to trends. So, in 2021-2022, the best French ideas will combine classic style with new shades.

Photo gallery – French manicure recommendations 2021 – 2022

1 Model with metal elements

French manicure 2021
2 Model in two shades

French manicure 2021
3 Elegant model in shades of whiteFrench manicure 2021

4 Female model with floral decoration

French manicure 2021

5 Model with ring decorationFrench manicure 2021

6 Model with colorful floral decoration

French manicure 2021
7 Model in shades of blueFrench manicure 2021 8 Model in shades of gray

French manicure 2021 9 Special model in shades of purpleFrench manicure 2021 10 Gel nail model with butterflies

French manicure 2021
Multicolored French nail designs have become an example of one of the most successful design and reinterpretation ideas in manicure.

The casual and well-groomed style allowed the French manicure to gain incredible popularity, taking the position of leader in 2021-2022 trends.

Other ideas:

11 Interesting model with various shades

12 Model in neutral and black shades

13 Colorful model with bows

14 Gel nail models with various shades and pebbles

15 Gel nail model with gold decoration

16 Model of round nails, with glitter

17 Model white French nails

18 Nail model with decoration

19 Model with shades of red

20 Purple french gel nail model

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