French gel nails, superlative femininity

French gel nails, we could say a top 20 manicure.
Navigating among the most beautiful models of gel nails, we can declare that the French ones are the most elegant, the most refined and elegant. They suit any age and are suitable for any occasion.

That is precisely why we want to present you some French manicure models, with 2022 models, in shades of white with decoration or colored. They are still in trend and can be adapted to any type of nail.

The most interesting models remain the white ones, because they have a special charm. Of course, small decorations can also be added to the ring. There are many ideas, we present you some ideas.

Photo gallery – Inspirational models
#1 Floral decor
French gel nails

#2 French gel nails with decoration on the ring

French gel nails

#3 Fine model, square gel nails
French gel nails

#4 Short model

#5 Special nails
French gel nails

#6 French nails with two color tones

#7 Decor in contrast
French gel nails

#8 Model 2022

French gel nails

#9 Fine gel nails
French gel nails

#10 Variants on black

French gel nails

How much finesse and refinement is behind these manicures? Countless. But we come and present you more models, in various combinations for everyone’s taste. They can be customized according to preferences.

Pictures and recommendations:

#11 Variant with flowers

#12 French model with glitter decoration

#13 French gel nail model with butterfly decoration

#14 Simple gel nails

#15 Colored french nails, in trends

#16 Various models, in colors

#17 Special model, for occasions – Merlin nails

#18 Shades of brown, at the client’s request

#19 Shades of black and white, in contrast

#20 Special model 2022

#21 Shades of pink, I tried them recently

#22 French ballerina nails, our favourites

#23 French nail model 2022, updated, with glitter

#24 Colors, recommended by Merlin Nails, in contrast

merlin nails

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When do you opt for such a manicure? Maybe occasionally or constantly?