French gel nail designs – French nails 2022

French gel nails 2022, in updated models with various shades
A French or French manicure may sound a bit classic, but this “classic” does not have to mean “boring”. There are many ways to update the look. Of course, you can keep it in the classic white tips, but if you are looking for something more modern, you can try rainbow ombre, nail glitter or you can use other shades for the tips. Matte or glossy, there are so many models and they are so feminine.

We have prepared a small catalog with French gel nail ideas 2021, with applications and in the most interesting styles, for a fashionable and perfect manicure.

Photo gallery – French nail designs – Updates and proposals from manicurists

1 Pattern with pebbles for a feminine look

French gel nails 2021

2 Nail model with shades of green

French gel nails 2021

3 Model with yellow, in simple styleFrench gel nails 2021

4 Custom model in several shades

French gel nails 2021

5 Model with metal tips

French gel nails 2021

6 Model with black tips and the peach version

French gel nails 2021

7 Geometric shapes and whiteFrench gel nails 2021

8 The variant with glitter tips

French gel nails 20219 Variant with a modern and updated layout French gel nails 2021

10 Purple model, super customized

French gel nails 2021

We recommend black gel nail models

The creativity of stylists has no limits, as can be seen from these successful models. You can combine and apply all kinds of elements on a classic French, to get an updated style.

Depending on your preferences, they can be adapted in rounded, pointed, ballerina or other shapes.

Other models:

11 Pattern with pebbles

12 Nail design with yellow

13 Model with floral applications

14 Dark shades, a special model

15 Sharp model, with shades of black and metallic elements

16 Interesting pattern with blue

17 White model with floral applications

18 Simple model with red, a successful combination

19 The green version, for an elegant look

20 Custom and eccentric model

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