Flower decoration gel nails – Top trend in manicure 2021-2022

Flower decoration gel nails, ideas for a modern and feminine manicure.

Without a doubt, flower decoration is the most popular, recognized and awarded nail design trend in 2021-2022. Stylists from all over the world have fantastic creations, that’s why there is a wide variety of manichichiura design solutions, in which the floral aspects on the nails look wonderful.

Women from all over the world and of all ages have adopted this kind of feminine manicure, in fantastic colors and various models, that’s why we don’t easily find the same characteristics in every model.

Every year, the floral nail design delights us with novelties and more and more women choose it as the main element for a manicure of 10.

We will talk about elegant design innovations for short and long nails, gel nails with flower decoration, a world of creation.

1 Female model in shades of pink

Flower decoration gel nails

2 Pink gel nail model with black flowers

Flower decoration gel nails

3 The popular red with white floral decorationFlower decoration gel nails

4 Gel nail model with roses, a splendor

Flower decoration gel nails

5 French gel nail designs 2021, with floral decorationFlower decoration gel nails

6 Model of long, square nails

Flower decoration gel nails7 Short model, for ladies who prefer simplicity Flower decoration gel nails

8 Model with pale yellow, an extraordinary shade

Flower decoration gel nails9 Floral elements in two shades Flower decoration gel nails

10 Black nail model, in contrast with white

Flower decoration gel nails

Stylists can focus on the single flower in the decoration or bouquets, or in other combinations they think of. With a wide range of colors, as well as a special femininity, they are ideal for a perfect manicure.

For the aesthetics of feminine ladies, a manicure with flowers is absolutely natural and graceful.

And if it is known that the nails with rose decoration is the most popular among the proposals of salons, now you can opt for any other models you want.

11 The most popular model, neutral shades and rose

12 shades of red

13 Neutral shades

14 White in contrast with red

15 A pink plate, work of art

16 Pleasant and light shades

17 shades of black

18 shades of blue

19 A pleasant green

20 A feminine and discreet manicure

Image source: pinterest.com

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