features and 10 fashionable examples

Fashionable clothes are part of a stylish look. Women pay special attention to their hair. Hair length does not matter, the main thing is to choose a beautiful haircut. Today we will talk about a fashionable and very bold haircut – a side cut. A haircut changes a woman dramatically and, despite the fact that it is too bold and even brutal, adds femininity to the image. The side undercut is a trendy hairstyle that suits many women of any age.

Undercut is translated from English – a low cutout. If you describe the haircut more precisely, then it is a voluminous crown of hair, coupled with shaved temples and nape. And a specific cut on one side involves shaving only the temple area on one side. At the same time, the temples can be shaved differently in the undercut: in the middle of the ear, straight or up to the earlobe, there is also a form of oblique shaving. If desired, a motif can be added to the shaved part.

Undercut is performed according to the established standard, but if desired, and there are certain parameters of the woman’s face, some adjustments can be made.