Fashionable short gel nails

Fashionable short gel nails in 2022, different models and colors. What do we wear and what do we choose to suit us?

Manicure trends change frequently, stylists from all over the world bringing to life the most wonderful decorations and models of recent years. Women have adapted and opt for the newest and most current models, manicure with different decorations, often giving up simple.

Short nails suit small hands, but they can also be adapted to other types. The shades can be complex or simpler, according to the preferences of each lady. A pleasant blue, French gel nail designs, are in the top of preferences.

Here are our recommendations – Fashionable short gel nails in 2022
1 Model in shades of yellow
fashionable short gel nails
2 Model with customized decoration, in shades of blue

fashionable short gel nails
3 butterfly gel nail models, with short length

fashionable short gel nails
4 Model in happy shades

fashionable short gel nails
5 Model in neutral tones, square gel nails