Fashionable nails – Reverse French manicure

Semi-luna gel nails represent the French manicure in 2021.
This year, we rarely see a woman leaving the salon without a French manicure, at least once a year. It was the top nail design for everyone, regardless of other styles that were trending. The beige and white combo was just as classic and had a status title. If you’ve had a French manicure, we’re moving into 2021, where half-moon nail art is the new classic, and a French manicure has a modern look.

In addition to summer gel nails, in strong colors, the half-moon manicure is perfect. so simple, but also complex in design. In simple terms, a base color is placed and a rounded part is outlined at the base of each angle, in the shape of the moon. This style is easy to achieve by both an experienced manicurist and a novice.
Photo gallery – Half moon gel nails

1 Shades of burgundy
Half moon gel nails 2 Combination of white and blue

Half moon gel nails
3 Shades of milky white and silver applications
Half moon gel nails
4 Shades of beige, very feminine model

Half moon gel nails
5 Strong shades of orange, summer gel nails
Half moon gel nails
6 Shades of purple and pink

Half moon gel nails
7 Dark blue for extra elegance
Half moon gel nails
8 Shades of black, orange and stones

Half moon gel nails
9 Shades of blue
Half moon gel nails
10 Pink and polka dots

Half moon gel nails
And thanks to its versatility, the style can be worn in a multitude of ways; from a simple design, in neutral shades, to strong, summer shades, with different fashionable decorations. You can even combine several shades, or limit yourself to warm tones, such as beige gel nails.

Let’s see other models, both simple and more complex:
11 Complex pattern with triangles
12 Shades of white and black

13 Little diversified model14 Model with floral decoration

15 Model in shades of orange16 Model in shades of red, various paintings can be applied

17 Shades of white and gray 18 Shades of pink

19 Blue and white20 holiday gel nail designs and more

21 For brides, white gel nails22 Shades of pink

23 Blue and black24 White gel nails for weddings or special occasions

25 Shades of yellow and white, gel nails with crown decoration26 models in shades of pink and black

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