Fashionable manicure 2022 pictures, nails with transparent gel and decoration

Fashionable manicure 2022 pictures
What type of manicure are we talking about? This year, among other things, nails with transparent spaces have entered the trend. Whether we are talking about French gel nails or other models, they all have transparent borders, which look impressive. As shades, you can apply any kind of color, from purple nails, to burgundy, red or even the famous neon shades.

The basis of these styles is the French manicure, which has undergone updates over time, applying different shades, especially for the summer season. Glittery gel nails, pebbles or others, all perfect for a flawless manicure.

We have prepared a gallery for you, fashionable manicure 2022 pictures, for your next visit to the stylist.
You choose the shape and length of the nails, we only come with inspirational models, which we hope you will like and inspire.

The models are made especially at the Magical Spa salon, which is truly magical. Perhaps the most beautiful styles can be found in them.

Photo gallery :

1 Pink pattern with hearts
Fashionable manicure 2021 pictures 2 Shades and model with lace

Fashionable manicure 2021 pictures3 French model with goldFashionable manicure 2021 pictures
4 Colorful model for summerFashionable manicure 2021 pictures
5 Model with shades of white, a special model
Fashionable manicure 2021 pictures
6 Nails with glitter and white
Fashionable manicure 2021 pictures
7 Model with blue
Fashionable manicure 2021 pictures
8 Shades of purple, French nails
Fashionable manicure 2021 pictures
9 White, purple and transparent
Fashionable manicure 2021 pictures
10 Short models
Fashionable manicure 2021 pictures
Modern and minimalist styles, which require a device to achieve them. You can choose from white to purple or other shades. We also recommend other models:

11 Model on black, square nails

12 short gel nails

13 Long and blue nails

14 Fashions with cheerful designs

15 Shades of yellow could not be missingFashionable manicure 2021 pictures
16 shades of blue

17 Short nails, marble pattern on the ring

18 pastel shades, extremely beautiful

19 Model with drawings
20 Elegant pattern with glitter

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