Fashionable haircuts for shoulder-length hair: photos with current trends

Shoulder-length haircuts are believed to be the most fashionable, versatile and practical. This length is suitable for any girl, as care and styling will not be difficult. To change the image and at the same time preserve the beauty of the hair, we advise you to pay attention to fashionable haircuts with a length not shorter than the shoulders, which are recommended by stylists. Below, see the current trends in 2022 and choose a stylish hairstyle option.

Bangs – many ignore it completely undeservedly. And for nothing. It can distract the eye from imperfections or, on the contrary, emphasize the features of the hairstyle, adjust the shape of the face. For example, refresh the image or hide a high forehead. The combination of a shoulder-length haircut with bangs is actually a very fashionable version of a hairstyle without age restrictions. If bangs are your choice, then look for trendy options.

The key trend of the year will be haircuts without bangs. Everything is understandable: this option is ideal for so many girls, it allows you to demonstrate a beautiful oval of the face, gives the hairstyle the desired lightness.

What is suitable for girls with thin and sparse hair? Stylists recommend choosing a medium length haircut, it gives volume to the hair without much effort. Classic and graduated cascade, bob and kare – they are especially good because they give thin hair the desired splendor. Due to the fact that the different levels of strands create additional hair volume. Especially when they choose careless styling, with big waves or some other type. In addition – dark monochromatic coloring, highlighting, strands of contrasting shade are guaranteed to help the hairstyle look voluminous.

It’s great that now not only straight, possibly straightened hair, but also curly hair is in fashion. Of course, square, bob, cascading and layered shapes look great on shoulder-length curls – an ideal base for experimenting with haircuts. Plus – imperceptible growth, gives the curls a nice stretch and evenly distributes the volume. If you like bangs, then a small amount of short strands will create its imitation. But owners of curly hair are not recommended to “start” a full-fledged bang.