Fashionable gel nails 2022 – Shades of pink

Pink gel nails 2022, models for summer and beyond
Pink nails are so pleasing to the eye! And they have a cheerful aspect, which can change your mood. Shades of pink are said to add a bit of glamor to your overall look. Any fashion expert will agree with this statement.

Pink is part of the canons of beauty, being a cheerful shade, suitable for all ages, and the tones can vary from very light shades to strong ones. We have prepared some models for you for the best manicure.

Shades of cheerful pink, being appropriate regardless of the season or occasion.
Photo gallery and recommendations – Pink gel nails 2022
Pattern with abstract designs

Pink gel nails 2021
Gel nail model in pink-purple-white shades

Pink gel nails 2021

Square nail model 2021 with glitterPink gel nails 2021 Round gel nail model, in pastel pink, simple

Pink gel nails 2021

Nice pink model with black

Pink gel nails 2021
Custom models in square shapes

Pink gel nails 2021

Model with white and pebbles

Pink gel nails 2021
Lace model, a special manicure

Pink gel nails 2021
Simple glitter pattern

Pink gel nails 2021
Model with 3D decoration

Pink gel nails 2021

Models in various shapes and lengths, all matching the pink tones. Of course, more special decorations can be applied to the long ones. In principle, this shade is suitable for both young women and older ladies.

We also present other models:

Model with glitter and pebbles

Model with abstract decoration on the ring

Model in light tones, with rhinestones

Square models and variants

Long nail designs

Stiletto nail designs

Models in pastel pink, French 2021

Ombre pattern

Combination of pink and gray

Pattern with abstract designs

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