Fashion trends and hairstyles 2022: bold and creative solutions

The image of a lady is a careful selection of all the little things. The highlight of any look is the hairstyle. It is important to choose not only a haircut and coloring, but also to choose the right style. Only a full-fledged approach to your appearance will allow you to look 100%. Let’s create an image that will become the most fashionable!

The main trends in the world of hair for 2022 are bold and creative solutions. We are talking about the shortest and brightest haircuts that can completely update the feminine look. Of course, not every lady will be able to dare to such a length, so trends offer a rich choice. So, in 2022, haircuts of medium length will be relevant, which add a special feminine chic to the image.

The 2022 haircuts almost all came to us from last year. The eccentric and ambitious pixie is still breaking all records. It has three main qualities – versatility, elegant appearance and easy style.

As ultra-short haircuts are in trend, the original haircut appears for the first time. The peculiarity of the hairstyle is the shaved temples and the back of the head, and the maximum length is left at the top. With such a haircut, you will get an image that will always be in the center of attention.

If you are not ready for such drastic changes, then you should choose the classic haircut. But not all options will be in trends, only selected haircuts will enter the top of the best. You probably already guessed that we are talking about a flawless bob.

2022 can be safely called the year of the blonde. Stylists are saying loudly that it is platinum blonde, gray and cream that will be in first place in all ratings. The good news is that blonde has a lot of options, making it possible to choose a shade for your type.

Despite the mega popularity of blonde, natural shades will still remain with us. In 2022, the shades of honey, a palette of chocolate and chestnuts stand out. And of course, our favorite techniques will come with us next year: shatush, balayage, ombre.

The trend for a natural look will be felt again in 2022. Therefore, stylists suggest to do only a light arrangement. For example, an eccentric hairstyle is easy to create on short hair; for this, the hair is only slightly tousled with the hands. For a celebration or special occasion, cute curls are more appropriate. Daring fashionistas in 2022 will flaunt the most controversial hairstyle – back combed hair.