Fashion lesson from Hailey Bieber. The elegant hairstyle for every day, desired by all women

An elegant and beautiful hairstyle that will suit every day is the dream of every woman. Well, as we know, dreams come true if you really want them to, and in order not to talk too much, we’ll face the cards. Hailey Bieber proved that the perfect hairstyle exists, and it’s easier than you think to get it!

Hailey and Justin decided to leave their beautiful and luxurious “city” to watch the Super Bowl 2022. And for such an important appearance in public, Hayley chose a simple hairstyle that did not prevent her from enjoying the company of friends and loved ones, but at the same time look incredibly fresh. The model made a high ponytail with loose bangs, and her hair was slightly wavy to add glamor to the haircut.

You can replicate Hayley’s style at home. First, create waves in your hair – this can be done with a hot hair plate and using the styling method: curling. Then carefully pull your hair into a high ponytail so as not to break the curls. Secure your hair with an elastic band or crab pin. Strands of bangs should be stretched so that they fit nicely on the face. Ready! Now you are free to experience a little of the popularity and elegance of a supermodel!