Elegant ladies choose short haircuts. 10 simple and exceptional hairstyles

Any woman would be ready to give her last savings and last drop of strength, just to feel beautiful and elegant again. Fashion trends change at an incredible speed, which further incites ladies to bold transformations. But where to start? Of course, with a haircut! That’s exactly why we’ve collected 10 of the latest luxury hairstyles for you, to inspire you to choose a haircut that defines you as a woman.


Thick, thin, tired or any other hair is no obstacle at all for a stylish waterfall haircut. This year, women can choose between a short hairstyle and a longer one for such a model. Superiority and ease of styling will make this haircut the most popular among ladies who really value their time.


Short haircuts are an uncompromising trend for this season. Many stars have already abandoned long curls in favor of more attractive and daring hairstyles. Thus, a strict garcon comes out on top. It looks simple, but it transforms any fashionista for the better. A creative garcon can look perfect in combination with oblique and torn bangs.


For a carre, it doesn’t matter at all how many new products the original stylists come up with. This haircut is always relevant. Moreover, the carre is also considered the most versatile haircut that suits all ladies without any exception. If you decide to change your image this season, then you can start your transformation with a carre in any variation.


A bold and simple haircut can create the most feminine image for any real lady. The pixie has a lot of bold and bright options, and the haircut looks great on almost any hair color. But the most important advantage of a pixie is the rejuvenating effect. Therefore, it is not surprising that this cute hairstyle will become a favorite this season.

The short haircuts that will be in vogue this season primarily offer ladies to look bolder and more attractive. Do not be afraid of a short length, sometimes such a decisive step can exceed all your expectations.