Easy Nail Art Designs For Short Nails Without Tools – Nail Art Short Nails

Everyone can get perfect nail art in a nail salon. But even at home, it is not difficult to make it for you. But It will be a bit difficult for you to find the tool with which you do nail art at home easily. Also if you think to buy them! maybe they must be a bit expensive as you expect.

Buying nail art tools to use at home never seemed viable either. I always figured there was no use investing in dotting tools for designed nails. And all those brushes if I didn’t have the skill level to use them successfully at home. So, at a nail-art impasse, I starting experimenting with simple looks that I could pull off with random stuff lying around my house.

Beauty communities on the Internet have nail-design hacks using just about everything you can think of- floss, toothpick, and tape the list goes on. If you’ve tried some of these so-called hacks. I don’t even have to tell you that plenty of them are just a flat-out scam.

In today’s blog, I will tell you about such a home tool. With the help of which you will be able to easily do nail-arts at home.