Debut haircut for women 40-50 years old: 15 popular ideas

The debut haircut is worn by many ladies. Its main advantage is the formation of the oval of the face, as well as the creation of additional volume. This haircut is perfect for women with square or round face shape. But for owners of an elongated shape, it will only harm. The haircut is universal and suitable for hair of any thickness and length.

The length of such a haircut for short hair should reach the earlobe. It exists in two variants: with elongation and at one level. Volume is created at the crown.

The haircut visually corrects large cheeks and prominent cheekbones. For example, to soften the square shape of the face, the strands should start from the lip line. At this length, a haircut is considered quite difficult.

On medium hair, the haircut has even more options. Strands can also be placed at the same level or have a length from the back of the head to the temples. Bangs should be done in the same technique. The arrangement is not of great complexity.

Long hair can be cut with or without bangs. The cascade technique can also be applied, otherwise the hairstyle will not be voluminous enough. This technique involves working with each strand individually and at the same time with all the hair together so that the hairstyle does not look messy.

Bangs will look good on short and medium length hair. It will hide the existing shortcomings. Asymmetric or oblique bangs are suitable for this length of hair. This style of bangs allows for a more youthful look to the face.

For styling, use mousse or foam that weighs down the hair. Also, with the help of a round brush, you can give the curls light waves.

Choosing the length for a debut haircut should be approached with caution. It all depends on the shape of the face and the texture of the hair. Although this haircut is recommended for owners of a square face, it is still worth considering all the nuances of the appearance. A hairstyle can not only emphasize the cheekbones, but also visually make them wider, which will not look quite proportional.