Dark purple gel nails, superlative elegance

Dark purple gel nails, elegant and sophisticated!

Every change in your appearance can be a little scary, but the first step in your creative lifestyle is to choose the manicure ideas that suit you best. In this article, we have proposed to approach a more special shade, the royal color, but in darker tones.

Purple in manicure is a special, elegant color that can be decorated in various designs. We will present simpler models, nails in several shades or with various decorations. Why not integrate into your outfit a manicure in shades of dark purple? Looks great!

Photo gallery – Dark purple gel nails
1 Beautiful glitter pattern
dark purple gel nails
2 Bluish purple with a pattern on the ring

dark purple gel nails
3 Golden floral applications, a splendor
dark purple gel nails
4 Model with glitter, the indispensable manicure in the “arsenal” of ladies

dark purple gel nails
5 Model with matte nails and chrome effects
dark purple gel nails
6 Elegant model

dark purple gel nails
7 Fine rhinestone and glitter for extra decoration
dark purple gel nails
8 Elegant model with floral decoration

dark purple gel nails
9 Multicolored nails, a wonder
dark purple gel nails
10 Double-effect nails, matte and glossy

dark purple gel nails

Elegant and sophisticated, they can easily adapt to any lifestyle, and the variety of models allows you to choose a model that suits your taste. Of course, the light purple tones are also wonderful, but we could put them in the category of sweeter nails.

Other models and pictures:

11 Marble style model, still in trend

12 Decorations

13 Stiletto nails

14 Model with rhinestones

15 Matte model and marble effect

16 Gloss on the ring

17 Black and purple, a harmonious combination

18 White glitter

What do you say about this shade?

We come back with other models. Image source pinterest.com