current trends for stylish ladies

Modern summer haircuts can benefit any woman and make her more confident and in control. The lightness and originality of the models that we will present in this article are incredibly relevant for this season. The trend is both lightly combed haircuts with a clear cut line, and hairstyles that look intentionally sloppy and retro-style haircuts. Among the trendy summer haircuts are bob, mullet, page, pixie, cascade haircuts. Each hairstyle is original in its own way and will certainly attract attention from others.

Carre haircut arranged carelessly

Among the trends of this season, the carre haircut – purposefully arranged in a careless way, gives a woman’s image naturalness and attractiveness. This haircut is at the top of the rankings of popular summer haircuts, characterized by ease of styling and hair care. Moreover, the haircut is suitable for any age.

Straight bob haircut

Straight hair is perfect for this haircut. The straight or even bob haircut is suitable for any length of hair. Women of all age groups are fans of this hairstyle. It looks equally attractive on both thin and thick hair. Especially popular will be the option with a path in the middle.

Mullet haircut

This haircut is also called “Italian”. The mullet haircut was extremely popular in the 70s and 80s, and now it’s back in vogue. The haircut is less common among women, but stylists predict that this particular haircut will be incredibly popular in the summer, because it does not require particularly careful styling, and to top it all off – it looks great!

Retro haircut – page

Today, haircuts that were popular in the last century are coming back into fashion. The page haircut is a successful solution for aristocratic strands. Straight and smooth hair is ideal for this haircut. Women with wavy or curly hair should look for other solutions. This haircut can be the choice of women of all ages. The female image with such a haircut is simply amazing.

Asymmetric pixie haircut

For summer, fashion stylists recommend women to experiment with pixie haircut options: asymmetrical, with bangs or in vintage style.

Waterfall haircut

One of the best options for summer haircuts will be a cascade in several layers. It looks luxurious on any length and type of hair. The smooth transition of the layers of strands will allow you to visually create an elegant image that will highlight the features of the face and will perfectly match any style of clothing you adopt.

These trendy haircuts are a unique opportunity to experience a change of image!