current trends for different lengths

An elegant and stylish haircut has its own rules and shapes.

Elegant haircuts for women are becoming more and more convenient and practical every year. They successfully interweave the elegance found in the classic variation of hairstyles, new trendy ideas – corresponding to the trends. We are talking about haircuts that do not lose their relevance and continue to be embodied in stylish hairstyles.

So, in modern variants of haircuts, completely opposite styles coexist perfectly, emphasizing the natural component, adding girls and women a choice. For example, along with fine and shiny curls, wavy hair is the hottest trend. Long or short, their key feature is beautiful splendor.

The peculiarity of haircuts in the “wave style” for girls with curly hair: easy styling, a minimum of time spent on creating a hairstyle and the effect of voluminous hair. The structure of curly hair is never laconic: curly hair is thinner, brittle and dry. They are the ones that are recommended classic haircuts, cascade, layered bob, pixie – a free, elegant and very solid look is attractive at all times.

The beauty of short hair is that, thanks to the different variations of the haircut, you can constantly experiment without going far from the usual length. Pixie haircuts often use asymmetry to achieve volume in the desired area. A slightly careless style successfully refreshes the image. Bob, garcon, mullet – any shape created on short hair requires virtually no styling, transforming beautifully over time.

The abundance of classic medium haircuts does not at all exclude the use of new original ideas. So, in fashion, the mullet hairstyle, the style of the 80s began to gain popularity. It is believed that the asymmetry of the length looks very fashionable. The haircut becomes a continuation of the concept of “broken” details, adding volume and dynamism to the hairstyle. Therefore, it is ideal for thick hair. If you have thin or curly hair, drying and styling products will help.

If the hair is long, then the uniqueness of the image can be added not only by color, but also by updating the haircut. Your choice – an elongated cascade, the style of “ladder”, “one length”, “mullet”. Add transformation with bangs: short, straight, side swept. And changing the path will allow you to instantly achieve luxurious volume. The secret of an elegant look lies in the application of fashion trends and care procedures that will be carried out by professional stylists.

Many women after 50 try to wear medium length hair, thinking that short and long haircuts do not suit them. This is a mistake. To make your face look younger, you should rely on your features and preferences. For example, an oblique, diagonally cut, ragged bangs will visually shift the focus from the problem area to the eyes. Trendy haircuts “bob”, “garcon”, “square”, “cesson”, with several layers. And gray hair can be hidden not only under dense tones, but also on pastel ones. Choose cool shades of ash, blue and pink that cleverly mask gray hair.