Current bangs: pictures of fashion trends

Current bangs for 2022 are options for a simple and fashionable transformation of a short, medium or long haircut. Bangs are an easy way to freshen up a look or give a second life to, for example, a bob cut. So, it is worth deciding on an experiment with bangs – it does not require special time costs. Check out the current trends below and get inspired!

If we talk about trendy/current bangs, then first of all we are talking about the elongated version, which gained popularity after the start of the pandemic. So the “quarantine” bangs turned into a boring element of the image. Its main advantage is that the bangs under the eyebrows and cheekbones are suitable for straight and curly hair, as well as for all types of haircuts.

Why not do micro bangs? But remember that a short length opens up the face, emphasizes the eyebrows and eyes and is not recommended for girls with angular, harsh facial features. From the variety of options for very short bangs, you can choose a heavy straight, torn or oblique shape. And in combination with a modern haircut, the image will become bold, fashionable and creative.

Another trendy version of bangs 2022. But suitable for straight and thick hair, because it starts from the crown – the highest point of the head. Depending on the length and shape, it will look completely different. For example, thick bangs can reach the middle of the forehead or below the eyebrow line.
Moreover, the shape of the bangs should not only be straight, asymmetrical, bow-shaped, oblique or broken texture. Choose a fashionable option that emphasizes the dignity of the face.

If you want more geometry, you can’t do without straight bangs. Of course, such fashionable bangs have their advantages and disadvantages. By itself, it never goes out of style – only the haircut shapes change slightly. Combine straight bangs with a bob cut, short bob and pixie cuts, long straight hair.

Curls always look relevant and stylish. Here it is worth considering that visually your hairstyle will become even more voluminous and magnificent. Among the options of bangs for curly hair, you can give yourself an elongated bang, made of just a few strands. If you choose asymmetrical bangs, then you will have to arrange them to emphasize the diagonal line.