Colored French nails, top trends

Colored french nails, trendy models

This year, models from the most complex or the simplest are worn, including the famous French, which cannot be missing from the ladies’ manicure. From spring or summer, French nails in colored shades are in trend, not just the famous white. We recommend shades of black, yellow, green, pink, red and other wonderful shades.

We have prepared 20 models for the next visit to your stylist, we hope they will use you as a source of inspiration.

What do you think about French? Are they cheerful, simple, elegant?

Photo gallery – Recommendations for freshly colored nails

1 Shades with black and floral print
French colored nails

2 Shades of yellow, custom and trending model

French colored nails

3 Model in shades of blue and purple

French colored nails

4 Colorful and cheerful model

French colored nails

5 Model with long nails in shades of purpleFrench colored nails

6 Light classic model, with white and neutral

French colored nails

7 Model with floral printFrench colored nails

8 Shades of neutral and yellow

9 Shades of pink, orange and blue

10 White with blue

Nails in two shades, another trend in 2021 grabs our attention. It’s about using two shades to create a special effect. We also present other interesting models.

11 Several shades incorporated in the same manicure

12 Red and the mirror

13 Model with pink, extremely cheerful

14 Model with gray and yellow

15 Special model, with metal applications

16 Female model in different shades

17 Short model with black

18 Model with black

19 Model with pink and other colors

20 Model with brown

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