Burgundy gel nails – Visiniu, elegant manicure

Burgundy gel nails, models for all seasons.

Burgundy nails, which are part of the red color palette, never go out of style. Noble, classic, elegant – they are ideal options for festive events or for a normal day. A nail model in shades of burgundy speaks of refinement and nobility, and this versatile nail design will allow you to remain fashionable and, at the same time, elegant.

Nowadays, the beauty industry offers an important place to manicure decorations, we find a wide variety of shades suitable for every taste, age, and lifestyle.

Universal shades such as red, white or pastel colors are suitable. In addition, deep dark red has become extremely popular.

Models and recommendations Burgundy gel nails

1 Very dark tones, pebble gel nails
Burgundy gel nails
2 Short nail designs

Burgundy gel nails
3 Model in two shades
Burgundy gel nails
4 Glossy gel nails with pebbles

Burgundy gel nails
5 Model and glitter
Burgundy gel nails
6 Gel nails in dark shades

Burgundy gel nails
7 Model with oval shape
Burgundy gel nails
8 Short nails with pebbles

Burgundy gel nails
9 Model in shades of cherry

Burgundy gel nails
10 Short nails with floral decoration on the ring

Burgundy gel nails

The burgundy color is obtained by mixing black and red in different proportions. Yellow, blue or gray can be added in a small amount to obtain brighter or paler shades. As a result, the burgundy palette includes a variety of magnificent shades – from cherry with a crimson shade, mahogany, marsala, dark ruby.

Other recommendations:

11 Dark shades with length

12 Pebble inserts

13 Burgundy pattern with subtle pebbles

14 Dark shades in contrast with blue

15 Squares with floral decoration

16 Oval model with decoration

17 Model in shades of brown

18 Model with moon decoration

19 Shades towards purple, short nails

20 Two shades

21 Another purple, with white

22 Model in several shades

23 Short nails

24 Light shades

Source of the pictures in the article: pinterest.com

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