Burgundy gel nails 2021 – Manicure for aristocratic ladies

Burgundy gel nails 2022, elegant models for ladies

Trends in shades and shades change every year. And if yellow and gray were designated the colors of 2021, besides this we find a special one. In 2021-2022, the burgundy color will also be in trend. The burgundy color looks aristocratic and elegant. In this case, this color has many tones, to suit any taste.

The burgundy color is quite conservative and therefore can be used by both young girls and older ladies. This shade is suitable for everyday manicure and for special occasions.

Photo gallery – 2022 gel nail designs
1 Simple model, in dark shades

burgundy gel nails 2 Model with print and two shades of burgundy

burgundy gel nails 3 Nail model with flowers, in shades of burgundyburgundy gel nails 4 Gel nail model with bows and polka dots

burgundy gel nails 5 Model with sparkles on the ring and decoration of dark stonesburgundy gel nails 6 Model with length and rhinestone decoration

burgundy gel nails 7 Model with gold, trends 2021burgundy gel nails 8 Simple model for delicate ladies

burgundy gel nails9 Gel nail model in two shadesburgundy gel nails 10 Matte model and metallic aspects

burgundy gel nails

This color appeared after the fusion of red and brown colors. Depending on the quantities used, there are new shades.

The most popular shades are pomegranate, wine, plum and the color of ripe cherries. All these shades are often used to create unique nail designs.
11 Model in two shades, with rhinestones

12 Short nails model with white pebbles

13 Glam model with golden pebbles on the ring 14 Square nail model, in shades of dark burgundy

15 Rhinestone pattern, elegant appearance16 Simple model of gel nails in warm tones

17 Model with spacers, manicure 202118 Model with floral decoration

19 Model short burgundy nails20 Burgundy model, light shades

Image source: pinterest.com