Blue gel nail designs – Extravagant and shiny manicure

Blue gel nails 2022, for a glittering and extravagant manicure.

Modern ladies are often fascinated by bright colors – many avoid monotony and are in an eternal search for originality, extravagance, and to present themselves in the most favorable light.

Model for ladies

Glitter pattern

That’s why professional stylists will never stop looking for new updated models daily to meet you.

Manicure – the current nail industry is improving daily with the appearance of new and interesting nail decoration variations, dictated by women’s wishes and aspirations. Short model

French model with blue

Super glam

Recommendations for you – Blue gel nail designs 2022

1 Light shades, round shape

blue gel nails 2021

2 Nail designs in light shades

blue gel nails 2021

3 Very light shade blue gel nails 2021

4 Decor of blue pebbles

blue gel nails 2021

5 Gel nail models with gold applications, 2022 trends

blue gel nails 2021

6 Dark shades, gel nails with stones, rhinestones 2021

blue gel nails 2021
7 Model with white lace decoration blue gel nails 2021
6 Model short nails, very discreet

blue gel nails 2021
7 Model with metallic applications, fashionable this year

blue gel nails 2021
8 Simple model with bow

blue gel nails 2021

9 Light blue gel nail model with floral decoration

blue gel nails 2021

10 Square nail model with pebble decoration

You can opt for light or dark shades, with various decorations updated for 2022. Blue, a noble color, can be applied to both long and short nails. Why not choose a warm and extravagant color?

Other models and recommendations for the next visit to the stylist:

11 Sharp nails, a special model

12 Square gel nail model, with rhinestones

13 Simple model with frill decoration14 Model with special decoration, model 2022

15 French nail designs 2021, simple and amazing at the same time16 More complex model

17 Very simple model, for ladies who prefer short nails

18 Model of long nails, with rhinestones

19 Model 221, with floral decoration and minimalist appearance

20 Simple model, with a little glitter for shine

What is your favorite shade?
Dark blue with glitter

A blue like a clear sky

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