Beige gel nails, neutral shades

Beige gel nails, or models and ideas for a neat manicure.

Beige or neutral manicure allows the nails to look well-groomed and at the same time, quite natural. Such a manicure is suitable in any situation and with any type of nail.

The trends in manicure 2021-2022 indicate that manicure in neutral shades will be one of the best ideas for nail design. There are plenty of beige shades to choose from.

The nail design in neutral or beige shades looks beautiful on both short and long nails. The advantage of this manicure for short nails is that this color visually increases the length of the nails.

A manicure with beige shades will be perfect for any occasion, lifestyle.

Photo recommendations – Beige gel nails

1 A bit of decoration

Beige gel nails

2 Long model with glitter

Beige gel nails

3 Gel nail model with decorationsBeige gel nails

4 Simple, round gel nail designs with glitter on the ring

Beige gel nails