Be very careful with such hairstyles! 10 short haircuts that will radically transform you

The main trend of this year is the short haircut. Many people think that it is a single hairstyle presented in a single form, but in fact there are countless models of short haircuts. Hairstyles with short hair make a woman’s image not only more elegant, but also incredibly feminine and a little more daring. In this article we will show which short haircuts are particularly relevant this year and which one you could choose as the one that will represent you in the world.

Bob carre

To make your look fully in line with all the fashion trends this year, the best choice would be bob carre haircut. A short hairstyle that appeared at literally every fashion show in a wide variety of styles. A bob haircut represents femininity coupled with a bold look, so this year with such a haircut you will look like the most stylish lady.


Pixie is the most discussed and relevant haircut, which is gaining popularity from year to year. This season, this hairstyle will also be called the most popular. The masters are trying to bring new touches to the familiar shape, modernizing the pixie hairstyle so that it suits absolutely every woman on the planet. By the way, for this year, the trend will be not only a short pixie, but also other elongated options with a chic bang. If you want to turn every eye that surrounds you when you are out in the world, you should definitely choose a stylish pixie.

Short haircuts with shaved temples and nape

The haircut with shaved elements is a very effective and daring image of a brave lady. But it is worth noting that, despite the bright appearance, this is considered a very comfortable and practical hairstyle. Shaved temples or nape can be present in bob, pixie, carre or cascade haircuts, and a creative cut would be the icing on the cake. In these haircuts, you can add a little more femininity if you correctly choose a beautiful elongated or oblique bangs.

Ultra short haircuts

For the most determined women, ultra-short haircuts are perfect. For example, hedgehog hairstyle or box and semi-box. Of course, such a choice will radically change the lady’s appearance, but at the same time it will be able to highlight the main advantages of her feminine beauty. This year, such haircuts will be even more interesting for active and modern girls who, for the sake of their comfort, are ready to take risks and completely eliminate the length.

Short haircuts are always elegant, stylish and spectacular. Despite the stereotypes, ladies with short haircuts look even more feminine, flirty and playful. Choose the short haircuts that will be in vogue this year and create your most stylish star look!