Be the most stylish: 6 trendy haircuts

A modern and well-chosen haircut can significantly rejuvenate and beautify you.

This year, ultra-short haircuts are in fashion. If you want a bald haircut, then you can be Lina Diana for a while. Always remember that a short but suitable hairstyle can decorate more than a waist-length braid.

I want a pixie! But unfortunately it doesn’t suit me…
Pixie has many variations, but you can choose any. An excellent haircut for those with thin hair, because thanks to the length and shape you can get good volume.

Pixie should not be done for those who have pronounced problems with the face, for example, acne, age spots and so on. Many people think that the pixie is for everyone, but it is not so.

“Garson” is translated as “boy”. This hairstyle is different from the pixie technique. For a garcon haircut, the main technique is the gradient, and for a pixie, thinning.

Garcon is a more restrained and neat haircut, and pixie is bold and cheerful.

“Bangs should be such that they can be easily removed” – this is the motto of this year. In our opinion, this bang looks the most stylish. Many celebrities wear a similar haircut.

This version of the bangs perfectly frames the face and narrows it, helping to hide the cheekbones.

Also in trend this year are beautiful graduated haircuts for long hair. This hairstyle is only suitable for owners of thick hair. Unfortunately, on thin hair, such haircuts look short, because such hair has no volume.

A modern bob haircut is characterized by an even cut to the shoulders, the same length of hair on the entire head. This hairstyle suits most people.

Choose the haircut that suits you best and of course that you like!